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4-wheel Forest machines

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As a pure winch machine the NF140 is an economical alternative.

With attached crane the NF140 is a truly powerful combination.

The NF160 is the machine with the most realized special customer requests.Even it‘s basic version is complete and leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Nevertheless, the NF160 can become a customized skidder due to various special solutions, which don‘t disturb the outstanding Cost-effectiveness. The NF160-4R, the powerful alternative.

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It‘s powered by the hydrostatic 2-engine-solution like his older brother NF210-4R. This leads not only to an outstanding tractive output but in addition to a working speed of up to 16 km/h. Due to his nearly on the rear axle located clam-bank the customer receives one of the most powerful 4-wheel-clam-bank-skidders from this performance category on the marked. 


The best performance and the best profitability. The NF210-4R unites all attributes which characterize successful companies. Intelligent clam-bank solutions, developed in collaboration with the practicians of the forestry, are our strength. The NF210-4R is simply fun.

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